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21- Days Yoga Challenge

Beginner's Friendly

Embark on a 21-Day Journey to Radiant Health and Wellbeing!

Starts on 1st August 2023
(Early bird offer available until 21st July)

"The only way to experience true wellbeing is to turn inward. This is what Yoga means – not up, not out, but in. The only way out is in."
- Sadhguru

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Is this 21 Days Challenge for you ?

Want wake up early with more energy and enthusiasm?

Need support to stay committed for your health?

Want to relieve anxiety, stress and psychological tension?

Want to get rid of back pains and spine related problems?

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If your answer to any of the above questions is a Yes, then this program is for you.
Join our “21 Days Challenge” to experience total well-being along with Energy, Stamina, Focus, Fitness and much more.

Taught by a certified Indian yoga teacher trained intensively in the ancient science of Hatha yoga, the program is designed to support a holistic experience and promote a deeper connection with your body, mind and spirit. 

No prior experience for Yoga is required, anyone 7 yrs plus can join.

What You Will Get

  • Experience the essence of a Yogic lifestyle through our thoughtfully designed session content,​

  • Hand held support to achieve 21 cycles of Yoga Namaskar

  • Holistic health knowledge.

  • Cultivate Deeper Awareness about the subtle aspects of the Health

  • Establish a daily regime and discipline

  • Practice along with a committed group in a conducive space

  • Discussion group with teachers and peer participants to ask questions and get clarity on concepts you might find difficult

  • Live support calls with the teachers where you can personally ask questions

  • Access to videos and healthy recipes during the program

Image by Katerina May


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7:00am - 8:15am (WIB)

5:30am - 6:45am (IST)

1st - 21 August

Benefits Include

Brings about physical fitness and overall wellbeing
Strengthen the joints and muscles.
Increases mental alertness and focus
Bring balance and stability to the system.
Increases physical strength & stamina
Strengthen the muscles along the spine.
Activate the lumbar region of the spine in a tremendous way.
Prevent the collapsing of the spine that happens as one ages Offers all round benefits for the entire body.

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Your Investment

Regular Price : IDR 1.050K
Early Bird Offer (Until 21st July) : IDR 840k

If you have any questions, one of our teachers will help you understand more about this program.

Please book a free online consultation

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