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Upgrade Package

For those who have learned Surya Kriya / Yogasanas

Fine-tune and Evolve

Upgrade Session are a chance to evolve your experience of the practice to a whole new level by

1. Reviewing the practice guided by a trained teacher.

2. Understanding more aspects of the practice.

3. Getting your practice corrected with attention to details.

4. Clearing any questions you have regarding the practice.

5. Doing the practice in a conducive environment with other practitioners.

This is only  for everyone who has attended the Surya Kriya and Yogasanas workshops.
If you have not been regular with your practice, this is your chance to get back into it.

Upgrade Package Price at

IDR 500.000


1 Detailed Correction Session at

IDR 350.000

(regular price)

2 Guided Practice Sessions at

IDR 150.000 per session

(regular price)

You have the option of choosing to do one or all of the sessions.

Surya Kriya Upgrade
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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