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Get 2 packs of Neem and 2 packs of Turmeric for IDR 100.000


Consumption of neem & turmeric as a combination is a tremendous support for energies to move evenly across the body's cellular structure. This is important. It reduces inertia levels & manifests a vitality & ability to be at a higher level of activity.


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The Neem and Turmeric from Tulikup Village in Bali, Indonesia are 100% pure and organic

They're guaranteed to be free of pesticides, chemicals and other harmful substances.


Tulikup maintains a really significant process to keep the turmeric's and neem leaves' richness and nutrients.


The sales go directly to the people of Tulikup in Bali responsible for producing quality products such as the 100% organic Neem and Turmeric.

Neem and Turmeric from Tulikup, Bali

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