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Inside the simmering hot pot of water

An age-old recipe brews

A traditional Tamil daily decoction

With a captivating aroma and a taste to savor

It’s a herbal drink that looks like coffee

But better than it in all senses


For those who are too dependent on their daily cuppas, Isha Life’s Sukku Coffee is a healthy alternative to reduce your caffeine intake. A recipe of all-natural ingredients without any preservatives or additional flavors, it provides you with long-lasting energy and an array of health benefits. Having a cup every day after your Sadhana will help rejuvenate your mind and body.

Aids Digestion :Unlike the acidity caused by regular tea/coffee, Sukku coffee cools the stomach and helps digestion
Soothes Throat :The anti-inflammatory properties of the herbal blend help soothe a sore throat

Relieves Nausea: It has a calming effect on your body and helps ease nausea, bloating and other ailments




Heat 2 cups of water in a pan


Add two spoons of Sukku Powder and palm sugar


Once the decoction boils, remove it from the heat


Set aside for a minute and strain


Serve hot

whats in it :

Pepper, Dry Ginger, Coriander, Cardamom, 

Sukku Coffee (75 gm). Ginger coriander coffee. Caffeine free. Preservative free.

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