Stress Buster Week

• have more control over our inner chemistry •

18th - 24th January

The fundamental way to handle the root causes of stress is to have more control over our inner chemistry. This package is an extensive exposition on some ancient yogic techniques that allows one to gain mastery over one’s interiority and chemistry. When this mastery comes, one will be much less susceptible to external situations. No matter how turbulent the situation, one would naturally look at how to best handle it, instead of getting stressed out.

In-depth teaching methodology; taught in such a way that you will be able to continue the practice on your own after the workshop.



Reduces stress and regulates hormonal levels

Boost energy throughout the day and Develops mental clarity and focus

Balances the body, mind, and energies

Supports one to become meditative and experience peacefulness and joy


Workshop includes:


  • Jala Neti 

  • Bhuta Shuddhi

  • Surya Kriya

  • Nadi Shuddhi / Aum Initiation

  •  1 correction / guided practice session 

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Actual Fee

Pay only

Rp 3.875.000

Rp 3.000.000 ‣

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