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Ignite Wellness in the Workplace

Transform Your Workplace with Classical Isha Hatha Yoga Practices

Yoga for Corporate 

Welcome to Corporate Wellbeing, where we offer a transformative corporate yoga program designed to enhance the physical and mental well-being of your employees. Our program focuses on classical Isha Hatha Yoga practices, carefully crafted to bring balance, strength, and tranquility to the corporate environment.


"Your body and mind will work best and find fullest expression only when you are joyful and peaceful."

- Sadhguru

In a fast paced, modern, corporate life, health is becoming the most ignored aspect while it is the one that needs the most attention in order to keep the organization vibrant and progressive.

We are here to impart practical, scientifically proven tools to manage ones body, mind and emotions; helping to develop inner balance and stability.

Our corporate wellness programs introduce: :

  • Simple yet powerful practices derived from an ancient Yogic tradition with detailed step by step instructions.

  • Scientifically structured yogic solutions to empower people to manage body, mind, and emotions, helping to develop inner balance and stability.

  • These sessions are 45/60 minutes length and include practices tailor made to support and boost the immune system.

  • No previous experience of yoga is required.

Session duration:

A minimum of 45 mins per session and can be customized to suit employees schedule.


All levels of employees up to senior management.

Overview of modules offered Online & In-person:

  • Yoga For Wellbeing

  • Yoga for Immunity

  • Yoga for Health

  • Yoga For Clarity

  • Meditation

  • Yoga for Respiratory Health

  • Yogic Diet

Impact on Corporate Environment

  • More focused and relaxed individuals resulting in better decision making, problem solving and enhanced productivity.

  • Energized and motivated individuals with enhanced ability to handle stressful situation Improved inter-personal relationships resulting in more aligned and effective teams Healthier employees resulting in lower healthcare and absenteeism related costs

  • Happier employees with greater overall satisfaction leading to higher employee retention rates

To know more about our Corporate Wellness Programs that can be customized for your organization, do get in touch with us.



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