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Sarpa Adjustable Copper Cuff

A tribute to Adiyogi: An exquisite tribute to Adiyogi– the source of yoga.
Adjustable Design: Copper cuff featuring a Sarpa design with an adjustable fit for comfort.

Thoughtful gift: A perfect Mahashivratri gift for Adiyogi devotees.

Inspired by the Isha Sarpa Sutra, this handcrafted copper Sarpa Cuff in matte finish is not only a divine everyday accessory but an instrument to enhance your receptivity to Grace. The adjustable limited edition unisex cuff is an invitation for sarpa- who represents heightened perception- to enhance your own perception that will offer you a more profound experience of life. Adiyogi's constant companion is an ideal adornment for all Adiyogi devotees.

Sarpa Adjustable Copper Cuff

expected to ship by Mid May
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