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Couple Promise Rings: WHICH HAND is the right one?

The choice of the hand to wear the engagement ring is totally up to you

The wedding proposal is perfect, the perfect engagement ring has been selected - now there's only one question to answer: on which hand should the ring be placed? We want to explain how the custom of an engagement ring was born.

Why is the tradition of the engagement rings in use today?

The engagement ring used to be worn as a sign for a promise to marry in the future. This tradition is rooted in the purchase of a bride. In the past, bachelors would go looking for the perfect bride for their wedding. When they found her, they bargained for a dowry in the wedding ceremony with her father. What remains of this tradition in this country is that the one who proposes to their partner puts an engagement ring on their finger to mark the day of the wedding.

Where do you wear the engagement ring?

In the United States, it is customary to put the engagement ring onto the ring finger left hand. It is a tradition to keep it there until the wedding ceremony. There it is supposed to signify the journey from the hand to the heart of the person who is in love with them. It is a popular saying"Left is good, Right is not, if you don't want to forget it during the excitement of the engagement. The engagement ring is usually placed on the left of the finger of the ring. But where did this tradition come from?

Why do you think that the band is typically worn on the right side?

The reason that we, along with many other nations, wear engagement rings on the finger of the left hand is believed to have been around for a long time in the past. The Greeks, who already used engagement rings as a sign of commitment and planning marriage, are believed to have worn rings on the finger of the ring on the left hand. They believed that a vein called the "Vena Amoris", ran from this finger to the heart.

The ancient Egyptians and Romans also placed great importance on the rings fingers of the left hand. They used it to create the engagement ring.

Modernity or tradition Who typically buys the engagement ring

In many relationships in many relationships, the man is the one who has the courage to propose. He usually purchases the rings and also the rings. But of course it is also possible for a woman to propose first, and have the appropriate rings ready. Some couples choose to get married together and then choose the rings together. In the specific design of the wedding ceremony and the selection of engagement rings, everyone is therefore free to express their own affection however they wish. What happens if a man wants to wear an engagement ring?

Men also wear an engagement ring?

The person who wants to propose usually buys a ring for the partner. Everyone is free to do what they like. Some men wish to wear the ring as a mark of their commitment, and therefore purchase a ring for men at the same at the same time. And women who propose to their partner usually don't want to do it without the ring that symbolizes their proposal themselves. In earlier times it was also commonplace for engaged couples to buy engagement rings together. The rings were removed prior to the wedding, and then put back during the ceremony. You can choose to buy an engagement ring for one person or a piece of jewelry for each of you.

And where do you typically wear the wedding ring?

During the time of engagement, couples will also be asking themselves the question: which side do you wear the wedding ring? In Germany it is normal to wear the wedding ring on the right hand. This custom is rooted in the Bible, is especially important for Catholics. In the Bible specifically, in Exodus 15:6, it is stated that the right hand is considered to be the best hand. The left hand is regarded as the unclean hand in the strict Catholic faith. This categorization can also be found in German. Everyone knows the phrase "Everything is legal". The wedding ring therefore has its traditional spot on the finger of the right hand. What happens to engagement rings once the marriage comes to an end? It's a piece that is a symbol of love for those who wear it between wedding and engagement.

What happens to the engagement ring when it's gone? the wedding?

Many women feel the same way: They wear the pretty engagement ring for many months or even years prior to the wedding day, and then get used to it and develop an attachment to the piece of jewelry. This is why they want to continue wearing the engagement ring on their body throughout the marriage, and even after putting on the wedding ring. What is the most effective method to achieve this? If you or your fiancee wish to wear the engagement ring for a lifetime There are a variety of options.

What are the alternatives to wearing both rings simultaneously?

If the engagement ring looks visually compatible with the wedding ring, you can leave both on your finger. There is no problem with this method If you are comfortable with it. So you continue to wear the engagement ring on the left and the wedding ring on the right.

You can also switch fingers. After the wedding, a lot of people put the engagement ring on their middle finger.

You can also choose the option of continuing to wear the engagement ring as a necklace. This option is perfect for those who do not want to leave the engagement ring to collect dust in a drawer however, they feel that two rings on one hand are too excessive.

It is also common to wear the engagement ring as a ring ring: This goes to the ring finger of the right hand and is worn before the wedding ring.

You can wear both rings at once If you are at ease and they are able to be worn one another. It is advisable to select wedding bands and engagement rings at the same time if you are aware of this prior to the engagement. Be sure to match them in terms of shape, color and material. This will create an harmonious image. Contact us for more details.

Engagement ring: In other countries, which side is selected?

The reason for why the ring is worn here and in other countries is not well-known. This is the reason that traditions differ greatly between different countries.

In general, couples in Mediterranean countries are more likely to wear their wedding rings on their left hand. This is true for instance in France, Switzerland or Portugal. The further north you go the more likely that the left hand will be used for the wedding ring.

In Germany, as already mentioned, the right hand is the wedding ring hand that is traditionally used. But

Is this a mandatory decision? You can choose the hand you want to represent your marriage.

There aren't any obligations

You are not under any obligation whatsoever regarding the hand on which you wear the wedding ring. Perhaps, like a lot of couples today, you would prefer to wear the wedding ring on the hand that is weaker. This also has the advantage that the ring does not get worn out as fast. It doesn't matter if you don't wear rings. The ring is a symbol of your love and that is all that counts. The wedding ring can be worn either hand.

Left-handed or right-handed can make a difference?

You can of course decide to place the ring on your hand that is weaker, i.e. the hand you use less frequently. If you are left-handed then it's likely your right hand.

The engagement ring: The hand you pick is completely yours to decide

There may be some questions regarding the engagement ring while planning your wedding. One of them is whether it should be worn on the left or right hand. You decide if you want to go the traditional route and wear the ring on your left hand, or if you're comfortable with a different variant. You now have a palette full of creative ideas on the topic of what will happen to this piece of jewelry after the wedding.

We're happy to help you find the perfect ring for your future fiancee. In our online shop you will find an attractive selection of ring designs made of different materials and in different colors. We can also help you locate the perfect ring size. Would you like to have an engraving for your engagement or wedding rings? We can also provide this in high-quality, without any lengthy wait time. Last but not least our team of experts at JC Wedding Rings is always happy to assist you with any questions that you may have regarding wedding bands and engagement rings.


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