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What Does 1-1.5 Odds Mean? Sharing Tips and Knowledge from Wintips

1-1.5 odds is a common term in the realm of betting and is no longer unfamiliar to professional bettors. However, for newcomers, this type of odds might seem quite new. Therefore, beginners may feel hesitant and contemplative. Rest assured, as Win tips provides detailed introductions and guidance on how to effectively engage in this type of betting.

What is 1-1.5 Odds?

This is referred to as the "Asian handicap" in the betting world. In reality, it's specified on the odds board as 1.25 FT. This type of odds is applied in two forms: handicap betting and over/under betting. Below, we'll explain for you to understand clearly.

What is Asian Handicap 1.25 FT?

With this type, the stronger team will handicap the weaker team by a margin of 1.25 goals. When the bookmaker applies this figure, it means there are two possible outcomes for the upcoming match. Thus, there will be a situation where half-losing occurs, helping players limit significant losses.

What is Over/Under 1.25 FT?

This type seems easier to understand compared to handicap betting. Here, players only need to predict whether the total goals will be higher or lower than the 1.25 margin set by the top 100 bookmaker. If you believe the actual result exceeds this figure, bet on over; otherwise, bet on under.

Handicap Betting 1-1.5 and Essential Information to Understand

Above, we've provided a brief introduction to this type. The next section will guide players on how to read it accurately.

Handicap Betting 1.25 FT and Determining Win/Loss

1-1.5 Handicap odds only appear when the strength of the two teams is significantly different. Thanks to the handicap, the balance of the game is maintained. Players also confidently place bets on the weaker team. When participating in this type, you need to understand the following three situations well:

1. If the handicap team wins by a margin of 2 goals or more, the player betting on the upper side wins the full amount, while the one betting on the lower side loses all the initial capital.

2. If the handicap team wins by only 1 goal, the upper side wins half the prize money, while the lower side loses half of the initial capital.

3. If the underdog wins or ties with the stronger team, the upper side loses all the money they've placed, and, of course, the one betting on the handicap team wins the full prize.

Expert Tips for Playing 1-1.5 Asian Handicap

When participating in football betting with this type, in addition to your fondness for it, you need to equip yourself with certain skills and experiences. Because predictions are based on something, increasing your winning percentage. Here are some useful tips to safely navigate the 1.25 FT handicap betting:

1. Carefully Choose the Upper Side: The first thing you need to pay attention to is gathering and analyzing data such as form, head-to-head history, team strength, etc. These are just the tip of the iceberg. Usually, 1-1.5 Handicap odds are set for matches where there is a considerable gap between the two teams. This ratio often shows that the upper side has a higher winning percentage. However, the handicap team must win by a margin of two goals or more for those who bet on this side to win the full prize. This scoreline is quite large, so be cautious when placing your money here.

2. Choose the Handicap Team If They Have a Chance of Winning: If the upper side's attack is unstable, lacks key players, and only wins by a minimal margin, then betting on the handicap team may not be reasonable. Meanwhile, if the lower side is playing well and causing difficulties for stronger teams, then betting on this side may be safer for you.

How to Win Big with 1-1.5 Over/Under Betting?

This is a challenging question for bettors. No matter how experienced you are, you can't boast of being undefeated because football contains many unexpected factors. However, bettors still have the opportunity to receive bonuses from bookmaker free play if they apply the following tips:

1. Research the Participating Teams: Understanding the strengths, records of the two teams is the lifeline to safely navigate the 1-1.5 over/under betting. So what are the notable pieces of information you should pay attention to?

- How many goals have the two teams scored against each other?

- What style of play does each team have?

- Who are the key players for each team?

- What tactics have the two teams recently applied?

- Is the coach new or old? Do they have any standout strategies?

- Are there any injured players or players with yellow/red cards? Are they key players or stars in the lineup?

- Which team is the home team, which one is the away team, or are both playing on neutral ground?

- The recent performance of each team in terms of scoring many or few goals.

Don't Neglect the Odds Board: When playing 1-1.5 over/under betting, don't be complacent thinking that the odds are already as secure as can be. In fact, the numbers will fluctuate close to kick-off time. If you don't keep up, you'll be left behind. This change may be due to bookmakers balancing odds or gaining some secret information. The 1.25 odds can increase or decrease dramatically, completely changing the landscape from the initial situation. That's why we advise players to closely monitor the odds board to develop timely action plans. When the match has been going on for 10 minutes, the odds board gradually stabilizes.

Some Other Useful Tips:

Predicting 1-1.5 over/under betting using the two methods above may not be enough; you need to add some useful tips below to your arsenal:

- When the stronger team faces a weaker opponent, betting over is a good choice. They will make the weaker team realize the advantages of continuously scoring goals.

- When both teams like to play attacking football, betting over is optimal. Both teams will play very openly, showing their talents, so the number of goals scored will increase significantly.

- If both teams have a defensive playstyle, betting under is more reasonable. Their cautiousness will slow down the pace of the game and reduce the number of goals scored.

- Betting on 1-1.5 over/under is most effective in the first half. Choosing under is always more optimal.

Budget Management is Key: If you want to go the distance, managing your budget well is essential. You need to divide your betting capital into smaller portions to limit losses and participate in more matches.

This odds ratio is quite large, with a total of two or more goals. Therefore, prioritize participating in tournaments with many goals like the Premier League, World Cup, La Liga, Bundesliga, etc.


What is 1-1.5 odds? Wintips has explained it clearly. At the same time, we have also guided you on how to understand it in detail. Don't forget to acquire the tips and apply them to your betting to seek winning opportunities.


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